On-Site Massage


On-site massage days


Reduce office stress with an on-site massage day and benefit from enhanced performance, alertness and productivity in your workforce. Our therapists gently ease away tension using head, neck and shoulder massage to treat common workplace complaints, including stiff neck, tension headaches and back pain.




A quick, pleasant way to improve wellbeing


Each massage lasts 15 minutes, and targets sore, knotted muscles, improves oxygen flow to the brain and rebalances energy flow. Staff leave feeling revitalised and energised. No oil is used, no clothing is removed and set-up is minimal – all our therapists need is a standard office chair and a quiet room.


Why provide massage in your workplace?

  • On-site massage makes your staff feel valued and can help towards reducing staff turnover and absence
  • Healthier, happier, staff are more productive and alert
  • Regular treatments can improve many common health conditions, especially back pain, in the days and weeks after a treatment


Corporate Hospitality

On-Site Massage can be offered to your company’s clients as part of a Client Hospitality.


Trade Fairs/Events

A fantastic way to attract clients to your stand and a great incentive for potential customers to leave their contact details for a de-stressing massage.




Some facts on Stress in the Workplace

Over 70% off illnesses are stress related.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics indicate that work related stress is on the increase.

The HSE further suggests that illness amongst employees may account for a 5-10% reduction in the overall profit margin of a business.


Some Research on Why providing Regular Massages for Staff is Great for Business

The Shulman Study
This study shows that, with a programme of even as little as 15 minutes, clothed massage, can significantly reduce stress levels of staff.

Participants were given a 15 minute massage by a massage therapist over the course of 6 weeks by 2 trained massage therapists. Stress levels were measured before and after on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest rating for stress. The study showed that stress levels were significantly reduced by massage. At the end of each treatment the participants reported their stress levels had decreased an average of 40%.

Following the end of the study, stress levels did rise for the massage group but not back to pre study level. This suggests that regular massage has a cumulative effect and that had the massage continued for longer this residual effect could have been more profound (Shulman 2000).

The Shulman study also reports feedback on participants indicating that the benefits were felt throughout the day, with stressful situations being handled much bester as a result of the massage

Dame Carol Black Review of the Health of Britain’s Working Age Population (2008)

Chapter 3 – The Role of the workplace in Health and Wellbeing
“Research commissioned for this review found considerable evidence that health and wellbeing programmes produced economic benefits across all sectors and all sizes of business: In other words that good health is good business”



 Why choose a Serenity & Balance Therapist?



Relaxation Tip (that doesn’t cost a thing to try)
Remember to breathe more fully. Many times we’re actually holding our breath to varying degrees throughout the day, e.g. when we’re stressed, concentrating, angry, fearful, etc. Periodically check in with yourself to ensure that you’re breathing fully. Flooding the body with oxygen calms and de-stresses you and strengthens the immune system.


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Serenity & Balance offers 3 DISCOUNTED Introductory Packages and also a DISCOUNTED Yearly Contract Package.


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