Why Choose Us

8 Fantastic Reasons to Try Our Therapies NOW

  1. You’re suffering from ill health, stress, depression, lack of focus in your life and would like to adopt a more natural approach to regain optimum health, vitality, enhanced ability to cope with the stresses and strains of life and more clarity to move forward.
  2. Over 14 years experience of working with a wide range of conditions from the common cold right through to cancer.
  3. Every treatment is tailored to suit the individual client – ensuring they get exactly the treatment they desire. If you want deep pressure, we will make sure that we work deeply and thoroughly, kneading and pummelling, leaving no muscle unturned. Equally if you require a lighter massage we will give you just what you want, reducing the pressure to match your needs as necessary. We will always listen to your requests and welcome feedback.
  4. We specialise in putting together wellbeing days, and pamper parties – you just tell us what you want and we deliver – no hassles or worries of finding insured and good therapists – we take care of all of that for you.
  5. All Serenity & Balance’s therapist have been fully trade tested by myself the proprietor of the company. I have very high standards so I expect the same from any therapists working for S&B and naturally will only send out therapists who I know can deliver fabulous treatments with a passion for their work, great expertise, knowledge and very importantly, integrity.
  6. As an ex–secretary (for 14 years) I understand all too well the pressures and stresses that can occur in the office environment – easily knowing just what areas need specific attention and offering additional advice to help alleviate many common health issues associated with a sedentary work lifestyle. Many of the therapists who are sent out on bookings have come from an office background also, so instantly know where to focus when giving treatments.
  7. With our variety of treatments, massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, reiki healing, and more, we are always happy to give you advice on which therapy would be most suitable for your health concern/condition, so we positively welcome dialogue with you. We’re just an email or phone call away so please make the most of our ongoing support and advice.
  8. We offer the perfect solution to the problem of not being able to find the time to catch up with friends and family, because you’re so busy working and maintaining a household. At S&B we can easily put together pamper sessions in your home with therapeutic treatments and some beauty treatments to bring you and your friends or family together in a fun, uplifting and deeply relaxing way. For suggested occasions click on the following linkpamper party service
Do you wonder when it would be of benefit to have treatments in your own home - then go to home visit service to see if it’s for you.